TIM “SHARKY” WARD – “My war with the Thai police”

After the last article came out and went viral, I emailed my story with some photos to the Pattaya police and on the 6th of October I was called to the Pattaya police station to have a meeting with the chief inspector.
While I was there I was met, face-to-face, with the police who arrested me for drugs that were planted in my apartment. I promised the inspector for the time being that I would not say anything more. I told him in no uncertain terms that I wanted my case resolved, and resolved quickly. I only got this meeting because I stood up for what I believe in. I had so many men with vaginas tell me I was doing the wrong thing.
“Ohh Tim, don’t talk bad about the drug planting money extorting Thai police. Don’t speak out against them and their corrupt ways. They will kill you”
The drug planting money extorting Thai police only exist because of you vagina men. If you sad fucks stood up for yourselves, this shit wouldn’t happen. They can’t kill us all. Grow some balls. Question authority and say FUCK YOU!

Telling me that I should just shut my mouth and take the loss on the chin. That’s exactly why those weak people will never enjoy the life I live.
Anyway after the meeting I had hoped that the corrupt police would have to give me back what was mine. I posted a few articles proving just how corrupt they were. Showing other examples of how they had screwed over a lot of other people as well.
Then a couple of days ago the Pattaya police threatened to lock me up for telling you guys what corrupt pigs they are! Can you believe that? They know I have them on the back foot and this is how they react!
Fuck me!

Then yesterday a reporter from Channel 8 Thailand who is covering my case went into Pattaya police station and asked 2 simple questions.
1 – Why did it take 7 days to fingerprint Tim’s apartment ?
The police answered, “It took 7 days because Tim was too busy to see us any earlier”
Umm excuse me?! That’s a fucking lie! The first time the police even rang me was five days after the break in and I took the first available appointment I could get after that.
2 – Why was Tim arrested and held in custody but never charged for the drugs that were found in his bedroom?
The police answered “Oh the drugs… The drugs were just a misunderstanding…”
A misunderstanding? You fuckers come into my home, planted drugs in my bedroom and arrested me! That’s not a misunderstanding!
That’s pure fucking evil. Oh and my money and gold… GONE.
There is no end to the lies Thai police will tell to cover their own ass and there are no good Thai police. The good ones just cover for the bad ones, which makes them all rotten putrid scum!

The good Thailand police (I use that term loosely) keep telling me to give them more evidence that the shit bag mafia Thailand police planted the drugs inside my apartment and robbed me. I was walking down 2nd Road and I seen a Thai guy who owns a pharmacy. He sells steroids, so the filthy Thailand mafia police stand over and extort money off him every month. He told me that 2 months ago when they were picking up their extortion money, the filthy mafia cops started asking questions about me. How often do I come in ? What did I buy ? Did he know my address ? These stinking mafia pigs are going around Pattaya asking people if they know my address… Nek Minnit, drugs inside my apartment and I am arrested and robbed. I have informed the good Thailand police (again I use that term loosely) about this. Lets see if this is finally enough evidence to open an investigation.

It is not just me who gets fucked over by these pigs, there are so many cases of it happening. These fuckers are out of control. I post daily about all the stories that I get sent of this kind of crap happening in Pattaya.

Pattaya – Thailand, this town can be the best place on earth, or it can also be your worst nightmare. I know a guy who was killed here on his very first day. How’s that for bad luck? Imagine a place where everyone wants to rob you, and everything you hear is a lie. But it’s also the most fun place on earth. It’s a place where you can go from hero to zero in a split second. It’s a strange yet beautiful place. Boredom is a word never used in Pattaya. In over 5 years I can honestly say there hasn’t been a second of boredom. Those who have been here will understand what I’m saying. The rest of you will figure it out once you arrive…

The way it is now, I go into the Pattaya police station everyday. Everyday I ask them the same question. “Where is the money and gold you stole from me?”
Everyday they don’t answer me. They don’t give a fuck about anything but money. I will go back every day until I get my money and gold back. This story will have an end, only time will tell what that end will be…

If I can leave you with one thought,
Always stand and fight for what you believe in. I would much rather die on my feet fighting for what I believe in, than live my life like a little bitch down on my knees.



12 thoughts on “TIM “SHARKY” WARD – “My war with the Thai police”

  1. I thought you were going to destroy the Pattaya police and bring them to there knees hahaha ,and steal from me and I will destroy you…some of the many comical comments we have read from you Tim oh will keep pointing at the police and snarling at them everyday it’s free entertainment viewing this daily Tim drama unfold 10 points and a noddy badge Sharky for the efforts so far Pattaya is more of a laugh and colourful with a big twit like you living here!

    1. Someone assemble the internet justice squad!

      Reality check…youve been robbed and your master stroke is to post about it saying “I’ll get you guys” online?

  2. No offence but only a silly bottom would have that much money out in a foreign country, and who the gosh wears that much gold. Don’t feel bad for you, go back to oz you furry little bugger!

  3. The wannabe thug-expat got a taste of his own medicine. Boo hoo.They should send him back to the colony where he belongs.

  4. This story makes no sense at all. If the flat was broken into, the thieves would have stolen the money and gold. if the police found it so easily then thieves would have done too.
    Ironic that he is name calling because the police are demanding protection money from a chemist when that is how the ‘writer’ made or makes his living. He bragged about it some time ago.
    Corruption is another phenomenon the writer has profited from over the years, claiming he carries around 20k to ‘pay off the police’ when he gets into trouble.
    Also, isn’t he the guy that stabbed a teacher a while back . . . .
    Pattaya and this guy belong together. The place is a cesspit and his deeds are reprehensible.
    His current problems are kinda karmic.

  5. Tim Sharky should pull his big Mellon head out of his bum …what happened to bringing the Pattaya Police to its knees as he claimed.
    Now there’s just photo,s of him in a local Fiji Japanese Restaurant with some little girl playing …look at me Mr nice guy.
    And pictures of sunrise over Pattaya all on his Tim Sharky Ward facebook Pattaya page the big tattooed fruits turned into a pomegranate which is ironic considering he quotes that line to describe other expats,the mans as phoney as a two bob watch!

  6. Good of you to rat out the “Thai guy who owns a pharmacy”. Hope the police don’t give him grief because of you, sic em boy.

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