TIM “SHARKY” WARD – “If I end up dead with a bullet in my head, It was not suicide!”

Humans Who Travel – We were made aware of Tim’s plight early this morning. We have postponed other stories to get his out there. Have a read and share with your friends…

My name is Tim Ward, AKA “SHARKY”… This is my story…

I want you all to know how the Thailand mafia police work. On Saturday the 27th of September 2014 one of my apartments was broken into. The building security phoned the police, one single uniform officer turned up and went about his duty, asking questions and taking notes.

Then around 10 minutes later 7 plain clothed police turned up. They completely took over the show and this is where everything went down hill. They started ransacking my apartment, pulling clothes out of my drawers and making a complete mess of the place. Effectively they were destroying all and any evidence of the original break in, this was not an accident…

Then one of the police officers searching my bedroom mysteriously found 2 used crack pipes, here we go… Welcome to Thailand!

Now, not only has my apartment been broken into, I am also under arrest for drug use. I was taken to Pattaya police station. By this time I was going berserk, yelling and demanding to have my blood tested for drugs, demanding to have the crack pipes tested for my fingerprints, and demanding to see the search warrant that allowed them to enter my apartment in the first place!

I was really pissed off!!

So anyway, I never did see the crack pipes again. They disappeared as mysteriously as they first appeared. I was never given a blood test to check my blood for drug use and I never was shown a search warrant that allowed the police to ransack my apartment in the first place. After 2 hours of being held against my will I was free to return home.

The end result… Well over 1 million Baht ($36,000 AUD) of currency and gold gone. This was your classic Thailand mafia police stand over robbery bullshit! Most victims are too afraid to speak out against these scum, I am not. The Thailand mafia police actually warn you about speaking out against them,but, you know what? Fuck Them.

I have never been intimidated by bullies and I want to speak out for the whole world to hear. I want to bring these shit bag Thailand cops to their knees! I am afraid of nothing, but please know this… If I end up dead with a bullet in my head, It was not suicide!  I know the game, and I know the risk of standing up against these corrupt police scum… but they have picked the wrong guy to pull this shit on!

I will fight them until my money and gold is returned. Please share this and beware that The Land Of Smiles has a very corrupt dark side… It’s called the police.



124 thoughts on “TIM “SHARKY” WARD – “If I end up dead with a bullet in my head, It was not suicide!”

      1. Chopper wannabe? Hahaha Chopper admitted before he carked it that 90% of his stories were fabricated for the Melbourne Newspapers. Also remember talking like a hero on the internet is about as weak as you can get.

  1. Anyone who knows Tim “sharky” Ward from the Gold Coast knows he’s twice as corrupt as the people he’s talking about. Pot calling the kettle black.

    1. That may be so, but he doesn’t hold a duty to the people or society that the police do. Conducting criminal activity is one thing, but having the people that are supposed to protect you from criminals commit those acts is entirely another.

      1. I agree JTCollins. Cops should not be behaving in this way. Just ironic that a crook like Sharky is complaining about being victimized. I feel no pity for him. Happy to see karma at work.

    2. I fail to see your point? Tim may of loan sharked but he had the people agree to the terms and conditions, this is completely different a group of people who are supposed to protect and serve standing over a civilian.

  2. I think, no matter what he does in his personal life that he shouldn’t just be bullied around! I hope you are ok Tim!

    1. Tim Shark was a loan shark and stand-over man and now the Thai police are doing the same thing to him that he used to do to gambling/drug addicts, and now he’s having a cry about it happening to him.

  3. Tim Sharky Ward, Loan Shark and Standover Man… Left his life behind him in Australia but made lots of money being a loan shark and ‘leaning’ on people whom didn’t pay. Now in Thailand is a Pimp and runs a ‘fleet’ of whores whom he takes a cut from. This guy made his money being a bully and now he is being bullied, cry’s foul. What a slimey prick this guy is. Sadly thousands and thousands laud the guy like hes some sort of hero. Would the world be worse off without Sharky in it? That would be NO. Do i wish it on him? that would be NO but i do wish he would go crawl under a rock.

  4. sharky is an idiot. goes for the hookers, stays acting as beach road pimp…. then cries when he leaves 40,000 dollars laying around in one of the most corrupt places in the world.

  5. I agree with you Tim, these kind of corrupt mafia police need to be delt with, within societies all throughout south-east asian countries and more awareness needs to be raised from the victims. Im not sure what the standards of police entry are in Thailand. I know in Indonesia you can pay your way to be a policeman without any former training or education. This kind of corruption breeds criminal cops.

    1. In Thailand surely have a school for the police and soldier by exam for get into it. But also can cheat with payment ,too.
      Thailand really know this problem. Thai people been through the same thing u’v met. And we are try to fix it in many way. BTW we apologize to you . Wish you get ur money back.

  6. sharky is an idiot. goes for the hookers, stays acting as beach road pimp…. then cries when he leaves 40,000 dollars laying around in one of the most corrupt places in the world.

  7. Couldn’t have happened to a better person. Sharky you are a piece of shit. Didn’t you brag about being in with Bangkok police ? I will show this to pattaya police today . Good luck to you and you downy head :)

  8. to much bro fuckin get those corrupt cops that hide behind there badges.. and unlike some people we dont claim to be angels or do gooders so all you gutless people who dis and hate sharky grow some balls and go see the man on beach road im sure he will have a few things to say and will set u straight

    1. Go and see him on beach road and he’ll set them straight? He’s got an open platform to set people straight right here, if that is, by setting them straight you mean defending against accusations that he is a violent, exploitative loan shark and a pimp who capitalizes and profits from the vulnerable and desperate, giving not a solitary fuck about the misery he inflicts on people in the name of lining his pockets, as opposed to what I reckon you mean by setting them straight, which no doubt involves less of a reasoned, evidence based debate and more of a bullying display of unbridled aggression, intimidation and a sound kicking.

      Truly gutless people are those who get frustrated when they can’t employ their physical stature or willingness to beat the crap out of people who disagree with them, because broadband strips them of their ability to do so. Online violent, bullying people have to read what people really think of them and can’t handle the fact that they command no respect whatsoever as soon as their ability physically harm somebody is stripped from them; they realise they are nothing and the only people who pretend to respect them wouldn’t if they had the luxury of anonymity.

      So suck it up, if you can’t command respect from people without intimidating them face-to-face, you don’t command respect at all.

      1. Spoken like a true internet warrior with no nuts. Don’t talk shit about someone if you don’t have the balls to say it to their face.

  9. so why was this fool leaving 1.000.000 baht around his appartment in the first place? illegal gains ? there is something like defamation of character and you might get more than your 1 million taken if it goes to court… your word against …

  10. Oh poor Sharky, What goes around, comes around. This scum used to bash pensioners if they didn’t pay his exorbitant interest rates on loans in time back in his old Gold Coast days. Couldn’t care less if he gets a bullet in his head, good riddance

    1. Some people will believe anything… Being a lightweight roid munching, egotistical, pink short wearing guy was what killed him

  11. Sharky makes the thai mafia look like angels with the way he used to treat ‘clients’ who he loaned too. He’s nothing short of scum. Hopefully the mafia will end him so we don’t have to deal with this poser anymore #nopity

      1. Time you pulled you,re head out of Tims ass DK no wonder he looks like he,s got constipation in most of his photo,s as for his claim about getting his money and gold back how’s he going to prove he had that in this apartment anyway ?
        Tim has been drawing attention to himself since he got there as for being a pimp will the Thai locals don,t like seeing Farangs making illegal money in there country and you cannot have a work permit for foreign freelance pimp work lol!
        Tims days in the “Land Of Smiles are now complicated all he had to do was keep a low profile there and still have plenty of cheap pussy without all this drama.

  12. Tim does a lot of stuff for good causes over there,he is just trying to give you the heads up on the reality of what goes on over there,I had my issues there but luckily got out of the shithole,take care Tim ,good luck with your fight and don’t trust anyone out there.

  13. Karma is a bitch sharky, keep rattling their cage and you’ll join the farang flying club. Not wanted in NZ, not wanted on the GC and now not wanted in pattaya

  14. Hey, I believe it all comes down to jealousy…..Tim Sharky your living my dream lifestyle..>> You got the body..the money..the honey..& rising to the top….
    When some people see your successful at life & positive, they get jealous. They want to take you empire down…especially if your in another country….they will try to shake & break your foundations & bring you down only if they are jealous…>> but they cant break a man with strength & will power such as yours SHARKY!!
    Whatever your plans I support you…..well done for sticking up against your enemies & may the truth be known & justice prevail…Hope you get your money & gold back….put them back into the cage….I’ll be coming down there soon bro….lets catch up for a drink :) cheers

  15. Don’t know who sharky is or what kinda lad he is but I have seen thiland for myself and it’s very corrupt and the police are the pain culprits!
    Good luck mate if I’m ever back in thiland I’ll look you up

  16. What’s with all these people saying he deserves it etc? Really don’t understand how being a loan shark makes him a crook and suddenly means it’s his karma… must mean all businessmen are filthy fu%$ing scum.
    No one’s perfect and we’ve all done wrong sometime in our lives but no one deserves this bullshit.

    1. Man some of you people are really kind of ignorant. I took one look at this douche and knew he was a scum bag piece of trash. I googled him and found out the following he’s a pimp, steroid dealer, loan shark, convicted criminal, he recently stabbed a Canadian tourist in Thailand and all you people are saying how he is the victim, I have a feeling he pissed the wrong cop off. I mean just look at his FB page he proudly shows off all of the poor Thai prostitutes that have to sleep with him, then there are stories of him being connected to bikie gangs, underworld figures, he ripped people of to the tune of 270K…. man what a piece of work this guy is. Well done Thai police.

      1. You’re an idiot mate, “the poor thai prostitutes” They have a choice and really they CHOOSE TO.. my mates done interviews with thai hookers, trust me they love the money and don’t give two hoots about who it is as long as there is money.
        As for that Canadian tourist.. bashed his girls he was protecting so he deserved it.
        You are the ignorant one if you think just because someone’s title is “police officer” that they are to be trusted

    2. Bashed degenerates who didn’t pay him the money they borrowed, seems fair to me. Stupid enough to borrow money off a Loan Shark, better be smart enough to pay it back. They didn’t need to borrow the money.

  17. just out of interest, this story has been banned in most of the Thai press, they are trying to cover up how corrupt the police really are

  18. He can not bank the money because it’s illegal money. Tim is a pimp. A real one. He sells women and he is rich as hell. No pity!!!

    1. He protects the girls and sorts those who don’t pay them. He makes about $10 per girl per week, barely anything. Made 99% of his money loan sharking over here. People wanna borrow money and not pay it back, whatever happens is their own fault.

  19. When you shout at Thai police, they get offended very easily and they also think you’ve lost your argument. They don’t hear the words you’re saying, but instead judge the whole scene by the dramatics demonstrated. Appearances are 90% of the game. Substance is 10%.

  20. Ive meet tim ward and spent a couple of weeks on crusty tour traveling with him and he is a good guy.very protective of right and wrong and very protective of those who are close to him

  21. This Guy is a Joke on pattaya.all What you SEe on that pictures are rentals he stay on a rented condo on view talay 6.He lives in a fairy tale world and fight he may not.Just clearing out

  22. Som non nah, a bit of your own coming back at you. Must have pissed off the wrong person this time you desperate knob.

  23. Here is how this really works. Sharky was up to no good and earning an illegal income. He probably was paying small sums to the police for protection. They just decided to take what ever was there and cut ties. This happens all the time when want to be gangsters with no sense want to take advantage of Thailand. The police don’t randomly do things like this to innocent people. The fact is you obviously had it coming and they deal their own brand of justice. Stop crying little baby boy x

  24. You want to be a poser in Thailand, it doesn’t matter how big you are, they will take you down sooner of later. Tim’s pride is his own worst enemy. He should have spent his ill-gotten money quietly and then he could have lived happily ever after – but he chooses to walk around Pattaya and showing off.

  25. Shark or no shark it’s pretty obvious who are the snapper heads in this game!! The Thai . There is a risk in foreign countries and if your image or race has anything to do with this, then it’s common sense who should be locked up! And it’s not you Tim!

    1. Seriously guys, he’s not asking for pitty or sympathy from anyone, he’s warning the rest of us who travel to Thailand without asking for anything in return! Who cares what he has and hasn’t done, he isn’t asking for anyone who knows him, or knows of him to forgive him for his sins. He’s just letting you know that things can happen and that probably no matter who you are, this can happen to you. I have seen stories of it happening to people who are innocent and look like my mum and dad and I’m sure they weren’t asking for it! So let’s focus on the facts of the story and leave the critisisms about Tim to private messages. If you don’t have the balls to say it to his face, don’t hide behind a public forum!

  26. I’m getting out the popcorn Just here for this interesting drama ,this stuff should be on jerry springer , the replies are gold !

  27. “sharky” aka Internet poser who was known for taking photos with rented ferraris claiming they were his own is known for getting crack heads to bash up old ladies here on the Gold Coast who’s sons and daughters couldn’t pay back inflated interest rates , he’s scum. No sympathy , this is all just part of his ego games and acting like an Internet badass.

  28. First rule of Thailand, never ever mess with the cops, they always win ! Mr Sharky is an ok guy, so he likes to boast that’s not a crime, he came from nothing and built an empire, the cops have no right to steal his money, however they do what they want when they want, personally I would say it’s time to leave Thailand, the cops will make things worse thats 100% a certainty. But admire the fact you are brave enough to stick up for yourself against such a tough adversary, hope you get justice, could be a long hard road.

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