TIM “SHARKY” WARD – “If I end up dead with a bullet in my head, It was not suicide!”

Humans Who Travel – We were made aware of Tim’s plight early this morning. We have postponed other stories to get his out there. Have a read and share with your friends…

My name is Tim Ward, AKA “SHARKY”… This is my story…

I want you all to know how the Thailand mafia police work. On Saturday the 27th of September 2014 one of my apartments was broken into. The building security phoned the police, one single uniform officer turned up and went about his duty, asking questions and taking notes.

Then around 10 minutes later 7 plain clothed police turned up. They completely took over the show and this is where everything went down hill. They started ransacking my apartment, pulling clothes out of my drawers and making a complete mess of the place. Effectively they were destroying all and any evidence of the original break in, this was not an accident…

Then one of the police officers searching my bedroom mysteriously found 2 used crack pipes, here we go… Welcome to Thailand!

Now, not only has my apartment been broken into, I am also under arrest for drug use. I was taken to Pattaya police station. By this time I was going berserk, yelling and demanding to have my blood tested for drugs, demanding to have the crack pipes tested for my fingerprints, and demanding to see the search warrant that allowed them to enter my apartment in the first place!

I was really pissed off!!

So anyway, I never did see the crack pipes again. They disappeared as mysteriously as they first appeared. I was never given a blood test to check my blood for drug use and I never was shown a search warrant that allowed the police to ransack my apartment in the first place. After 2 hours of being held against my will I was free to return home.

The end result… Well over 1 million Baht ($36,000 AUD) of currency and gold gone. This was your classic Thailand mafia police stand over robbery bullshit! Most victims are too afraid to speak out against these scum, I am not. The Thailand mafia police actually warn you about speaking out against them,but, you know what? Fuck Them.

I have never been intimidated by bullies and I want to speak out for the whole world to hear. I want to bring these shit bag Thailand cops to their knees! I am afraid of nothing, but please know this… If I end up dead with a bullet in my head, It was not suicide!  I know the game, and I know the risk of standing up against these corrupt police scum… but they have picked the wrong guy to pull this shit on!

I will fight them until my money and gold is returned. Please share this and beware that The Land Of Smiles has a very corrupt dark side… It’s called the police.



124 thoughts on “TIM “SHARKY” WARD – “If I end up dead with a bullet in my head, It was not suicide!”


  2. This whole story is never really happened people. This is all fabricated just to get you attention you need to even imagine that you all year long as a lonely person without means of transportation and not further than a radius of 5 km in pattaya.

  3. It’s not only in Thailand my Brutha it’s everywhere the assholes (the police) are the biggest gang in the world with a free ticket to do anything they want you keep it real Tim never give up as we say here in New Zealand Kia Kaha means stand strong so I say F%^k The Police

      1. So which is it? Brilliantly educated man or silly boy? And how do you know the person is a male? Because they say Brutha? I think you are the silly person here

  4. Buncha coward ass pussies… Talkin Shit on the man… Tim does more for people in 1 night then all of you do for people in your lifes… Too pussy to face him but wannabe thumb thugs over the internet! Who cares how he made his living… Jealous that he’s comfortable in his skin, accepts and KNOWS exactly who the f$%k he is… Makes no apologies for the truth… Stand up for yourself TIM… Obvioussly noone else has the balls to do it… Stay safe G

  5. tim sharky ward is a real shame for all aussies. thai cops will hunt him down together with his strolling sick dogs.
    police runs the city and sharky is a walking target now. they would never do anything wrong to people who know how to behave in a foreign country.

  6. I’ve known Tim for 15yrs, he has always been a straight shooter. He goes out of his way to help ppl and animals, they’ve crossed the Wrong person…!!

  7. Too bad too sad, you choose to play the game sharky… You did the exact same to the people of the gold coast, about time karma comes and bites you.. Time to realise you dont own pattaya…. Pattaya owns you..

  8. Good on you Tim for standing up on these corrupt pricks hope you get your stuff back mate your living the dream and that must burn a lot of jealous people

  9. There is a formal process the police have a duty of care to follow when conducting searches on private property. Regardless of stature within the community the person being searched has rights a warrant must be presented with conditions of the search attached and every item seized catalogued for court. It was clear no charges wer laid neither a warrant presented. It was therefore illegal and I would seek justice with the courts that is the primary stream of thought with this post exposing the corrupt nature of the Thai police and their deliberate disregard to follow due process. I don’t get some of the negative comments as the police are paid by the state and are not following the conditions of employment

  10. Have a cry now about it now you idiot!! how many people have you fuc*ed around in your pathetic life time.. you are just as low and as scummy as the people you talk about..

  11. Hahahahahahahahaha karma sucks. Pick your next country carefully? Some don’t bother being nice. Just BANG your dead. No loss.

  12. It’s kind of ironic that a guy who spent a large part of his life being a bully, “loan shark” now say’s that he’s never been intimidated by bullies! That having been said, it seems that the guy loves dogs, so he can’t be all bad.

  13. Probably all a publicity stunt from a known knob. provide some proof sharky no doubt they gave you some sort of paperwork

  14. You attract into your life what you are. The person you are determines the kind of life you will lead. If you are of pure heart and are a selfless, empathetic, grateful and kind soul you give only to the world what is good…things of this nature do not enter your world.
    If you deceive, manipulate, hate and live a life of anger, greed, revenge and take without ever giving back…..you will only then attract such trauma and disturbing situations.
    Thai people are extremely sensitive, a wrong doing is an insult to their culture and a personal attack on their way of life. To go to any country and be given the opportunity to experience it, is a blessing, they are giving you permission to enjoy something that has built their identity, they are trusting you. When you show you do not respect their customs, their laws, their beautiful homeland, their way of life…you are saying you do not care, you are personally attacking them. They do not give second chances, and whatever way they decide to take action, is the way they find necessary to protect their way of life.
    You have attracted this into your life, you have enabled these things by not being a person of integrity and showing respect in a foreign land.
    With anger…comes only anger, with hate comes only hate, with disgust only comes disgust.
    Change your behaviour as a human being, live a life of integrity and be kind and compassionate, decent, consistent, a respectful, loving human being and you will see the difference it has on you and people around you.
    Most people will take a side, because that is human nature, but you are enabling that reaction. Starting an unnecessary war, consumed with hate. Propaganda fuelled by anger is only going to make things worse not only for you, but every Australian or foreigner who goes to their country. It is not fair, if you don’t like it…go home or go live on a deserted island. You then can rule your own world.
    Take responsibility for your own actions and your own life. Stop blaming others and being a victim, do something about it. Get over being melodramatic and a martyr, remember you put yourself in that situation. Get yourself out of it!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Many of you guys sound like a bunch of idiots. WTF do you expect the guy is posting about pimping in Thailand flying in the face of the local authorities. Not the sharpest tool in the shed lol.

    1. Who gives 2 hoots what authority thinks is right or wrong? If a girl wants to provide her body for money, that is her choice to make. If Sharky wants to provide his protection for such girls, then that is his choice to make. Nobody has any jurisdiction to decide what can go or not about somebody else life.

      1. Following the logic, its also the choice of Thai police to extort Tim.

        Nobody has any jurisdiction to decide what can go or not about somebody else life ;)

        1. Logic thinking is not one of your greatest talents, mr tuk… The girls can sell their body cause they own it. They are the highest authority over their body and can do with it as they please. Mr. Sharky can provide his balls and muscles for their protection, cause they are his to command. The cops on the other hand didn’t have any authority to steal Sharky’s money.

          So get your logics straight, Mr. Tuk…

  16. similar shit happened to me, some girl claimed i tried to murder her and there were plain clothes cops as false witnesses to the made up attack. cost me 40k to get it dropped and i was forced to sign a confession.

  17. Yup sharky i live in phuket and have experienced this bullshit numerous times. As we say around here the biggest mafia in thailand are the police! Dont people wonder sometimes how you see young men being captains and generals of provinces in thailand, they pay there way to get there. Iv seen a general who was in his 20’s with 3 stars … this is impossible lol 20m baht to get this position i beleive.

  18. Not liking corrupt cops now sharkie????
    Tell us all again how you knifed someone on beach road and payed corrupt cops to get out off lock up???
    Post this on your Facebook page nobody forgets

    Real man fight with fist not knifes

  19. Sharkpoo’s mixed with his corrupt mates, now his had a deal go bad and he wants people to step in for him. Piss off Sharky, this is your business not anything to do with any normal everyday people.

    “CHIANGRAI TIMES – Timothy John Ward ”SHARKY” is a man of contrasts. In March he made international headlines after stabbing a Canadian tourist Shaun Ohonny, 43, on a South Pattaya beach. He says he was defending a friend and then bragged on his now defunct Facebook page of Paying off the Pattaya Police to drop the charges.”


  20. sharky, count ur days in paradise!

    theory is wrong – ur meaning of life is to fight authorities whereas u think u the only one to judge between right and wrong…that way u, urself act as “authority”. then i say “f$%k authority”!

    those cops can distinguish a millions time better than u between good and bad people, they work together with ur girls!
    hope u stay as long they’v got real grip on u…

    ps: me, myself i own my life to thai cops… they saved me from get killed by weirdos same u.
    bye shark

  21. Seems Tim Ward has got it in his head he can beat the Thai police, that’s insane, all he has done is give them bad publicity, they will make sure he pays the price for that, they will see it as losing face, that’s the worse thing for Thai people, Tim is a tough guy no doubt, but the Thai police are not something he can beat, they will wait and he will get his pay back for this. I thought he had common sense but it seems he has lost the plot.
    This will end badly for Mr Ward that’s a fact, wise up Shark and let it go, the price you will pay is far too high, keep fighting and they will take everything you have and boot your arse back to Australia.
    Sometimes you have to surrender to win, unless you are daft of course. Leave hornets nests alone !

  22. This man gets everything he deserves,so what he helps a few dogs,he disrespects Thailand and its girls,he is to much of a pussy to allow people to post on his face book,main reason,he is not a clever guy,he can only fight with his knife and not words.

  23. If you live by the sword, expect to die by the sword. His “suicide” comment is one of a cranky attention seeker who is looking to be in the spotlight. The Thai police have had justified reasons to arrest him in the past, so he’s obviously on their radar and being pursued for his activities. If he’s that worried about his welfare in a foreign country he should return to his home Country where the Police & people are also seeking justice for his trading exploits.

  24. The level of stupidity is mind numbing. ” picked on the wrong guy ” seriously your illusions of self grandeur are going to make you dead. You think you know this place ? you know enough to think you know it all but not enough to realize you’re going to be gone soon. Seen many like you come and go. When they leave its usually not in a taxi. You picked the wrong town , best you go back to Australia, people like you are tolerated there.

  25. Tim should consider sticking with the basics give up the ” free lancer hookers pimp job “.
    This is just putting him in the Pattaya locals and police spot light and sooner or later that will go all pear shaped.
    He,s breaking all the Pattaya local Thai rules doing that and has already been locked up for stabbing a tourist from Canada over one of his Thai hookers then ran away to his apartment not to mention one of the girls who owed him a measly 1 thousand baht he wanted to be payed who in turn attempted to attack him with a knife,again at Tims apartment.
    Tim would be better off just sticking to being a mongering sex expat and keep body building at the gym.
    Pat and feed the stray dogs biscuits,pooper scoop up after them and take his daily walks in the evenings instead of trying to impress everyone by acting like a gold necklace ,tattoo wearing bogan from the Gold Coast who wobbles around beach road with his arms out like a over grown monkey wearing a designer woman’s shoulder bag with a knife inside it designed to ward off attacks by horny ladyboys and wearing smelly steel cap boots in 30 degree heat bring back the crocs Tim..reality check wheres my gold and money I,ve been robbed Mr Police Inspector by your staff promise I will not say anymore but if I don,t get it back soon I,ll bring the Pattaya police force to its knees lol!

  26. I’ve been to Thailand and one thing that made me suspicious was on the customs forms on entering there country they ask what your earnings are. They also ask where you are staying in Thailand. Why do they need to know how much money you earn it’s none of there business? Looks to me it’s a way of targeting rich people entering there country. It’s pretty obvious the police are corrupt over there.

  27. Sucked in ur a silly little boy. I hope they smack your bum u scum bag .

    Ur only in Thailand to run away from the goldy.

    Go away u peanut id happily smack your bum!

  28. When you stabbed the canadian fella because he mouthed off and you then suddenly was let off, then praising the police on your facebook… corrupt when on your side is ok then I guess? Hahaha

  29. Tim Ward Sharky may as will walk around Pattaya in a gimp suit just to attract a little bit more attention to himself.
    The apartment saga is finished the drugs fiasco has gone no further and as for the gold twinklets and cash missing will kiss that goodbye be better off zipping up and keep quiet about it all.
    Any more paying off the cops to get out of jail free and pass go are off the table now Sharky in the future.

  30. Lets be honest here.
    Im in thailand and the amount off corruption going on is unreal.
    Every day I walk the prom and see some stupid twat take a jet ski only for the scams to kick in.
    The thai lads who give it large in the safty off knowing they can do ascthey please because they will be backed up by all the other scum dirty little cunts or the police would last 10 seconds in the uk as they would in most other countries.
    You cant win in thailand end off, a scam going on is for thais to walk in to you wile minding your own business and then confront you hoping for you to slam him.
    As soon as you do your fucked and then you pay the scum rat compo plus the police.
    All because you were minding your own business and some rat targeted you as someone who would react.
    I will say not all are the same but pattaya is a scam and you must keep your wits.
    Looking forward to bumping in to a tattooed thai guy when back home.

  31. You guys should check out this guys Twitter… He was a loan shark that went to Thailand to become a pimp. Heat was coming his way regardless. He ain’t innocent.

  32. What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself. Drop the violin Sharky, whining on all day won’t do anything. Accept the fact that money and gold has long been divided by the cops, no case will ever be opened to look into this. Surely he has the brains to know that much.

  33. What i don’t understand is how he knows who took the money and gold, after all he says he was broken into the the security called the police. Who is to say that the first person that broke in never took the money and jewellery? I can understand the drug side of things and him wanting a test and fingerprints but still how does he know who took the items, if someone had already broken in surely they would have taken it before the police got there???

  34. What with all this fuss Sharky is kicking up how’s he going to stay out of the monkey house in Pattaya.
    If next time he is arrested any offer of a cash settlement he makes might be knocked back by the Pattaya police just to make a point and to keep him behind bars for a longer time or increased ten fold the pay off either way looks like he is in a no win situation and will have burnt his bridges !

  35. Mr. Ward, I see you have had a hard time. And you are a good example of someone in Thailand who helps the community and does positive things. I live here too. Seventeen years of experience here. I know the deal. I just want to tell you one thing: getting angry at the police or at any Thai people is not going to work. I recommend that you go to the police now and reconcile yourself with them. Then make a video about it. Right. That is the last thing you want to do, but it is the one solution. Otherwise, you are in deep kimchi. You made two mistakes. One, you went around wearing a ton of gold. That made you a target. Two, you showed anger and made the police look bad, and Thailand too. You need to backtrack and undo what has happened. Me: two combat tours with Aussie SAS in Afghanistan. Best guys in the world. Good luck.

  36. Gday Tim,
    Followed a lot of your posts. Ive lived in Thailand for many years got a laugh when you posted you decided to try Thai street food after living there for donkeys years.
    But that is normal for Pattaya ppls so nothing against you.
    Thai police…. What can I say. Know lots of em and like any arseholes you are friends with they are OK… But then your probably OK if I dont owe u money also :) right.
    You wont have a bullet in your head.
    They got your gold. They will be back in a few months after you get bold and brash again.
    If you were a threat to them you would be dead or deported. infinite reps wont stop someone falling from the balcony.
    Your probably noticing now the difference in cultures. Aussie big and brash there they its all on the quiet. No offence but kind of funny reading about yoru demand of a warrant…. Sorry cuz, eh :) it aint Aus and they dont need that shit to do anything to get your Golden Roughy :D
    The sad part is they really need blokes like you on their team because they dont know how to play the russians they dont have the ppl that speak thier language.
    If you wan5t to speak out against them then do it with surveilance and blackmail. Videos of the pigs allowing child porn, vids of them letting the Nigerians do the shit. etc etc
    With due respect cause I know you can go rounds with the best ….. its a different culture. They dont care. HeaVy fks are just considered Oafs. Given your utilisation of the media, you are from that. Pull your head in, get with the program and get the fuck out of Pattaya, go to a place where you can meet local important people and stay protected. Then go back to the beach and kick ass.
    Hey, you rpobably think well fk u.
    But its just my 2 bits worth.
    I wish u all the best.
    Get out of Pattaya, get connected with some xpats that arent juice heads and are connected.

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