NIKI – “Despite all your instincts telling you no, you put your first foot in the water…”

So I was off to Iceland, the land of ice and fire. The place that just sounds surreal, until you go, and you find it so much more surreal and incredible than you had ever imagined.

When I first arrived I had only had a few hours sleep and it had been a long day of traveling, which gave me the perfect excuse to visit Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s geothermal spa! However, as Iceland predicts with its name, there is an icy chill in the air as you head towards the steaming water in nothing but your swimwear. The thought of it is crazy, actually doing it is crazier. Your natural instinct tells you not to get in the water due to how cold the air temperature is. Despite all your instincts telling you no, you put your first foot in the water, it is an overwhelming and difficult experience for your brain to process. After spending a few hours here, I didn’t want to leave!

Onwards with my journey to the hotel! I had organised a trip to search for the Northern Lights tonight but I wasn’t getting my hopes up. Leaving the hotel something caught my eye in the sky. Lines of green? I thought I was seeing things – It had been a long day… Suddenly the realisation of what it was kicked in.

We rushed out of the city to get away from the light pollution. Wow! – I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights just outside the city of Reykjavik. The Incredible colours of green and red danced across the skies. The day I saw the lights, their was an increase of the particles entering the Earth’s atmosphere, giving me an overwhelming experience. It was declared the best viewing in 20 years!

Waking early the next day, my eyes were heavy. I had not slept from the adrenaline and excitement of the night before. However, today was the day I had been waiting for. Today was the reason for this trip! Today i was scuba diving between the tectonic plates!

Silfra is one of the top dive sites in the world for two main reasons. First, the Silfra is a crack between the North American and Eurasian plates, allowing you to be able to dive and snorkel between the tectonic plates. Second, the water visibility in the Silfra is over 100 meters which creates an underwater experience that will rarely be beaten!  A divers dream!

The water is a constant and chilly 2 degrees celsius, which is the coldest waters to dive in without being in the polar regions. Of course, my dry-suit leaked and I experienced mild hypothermia. But after a quick change of clothes I was back in the water, in absolute wonder of what I was experiencing. With the American plate on one side and the Eurasian plate on the other, it is a thrilling experience to be between the plates that form the surface of the Earth…

The lack of sleep on this trip continued. The adrenaline was never-ending. Everything so far was mind-blowing and surreal. I had a feeling there was more to come. I was off to the glaciers!

I was very excited for this glacier hike. At the bottom of the glacier, I put my crampons on my feet and had an ice axe in my hand – I looked the part and I was ready! The hike up the glacier was exciting with a real buzz in the air. Coming from a land where ice meant falling flat on your face, it was adrenaline pumping to be hiking up a glacier with the fear of falling over decreasing with each step you take. It was an awe-inspiring experience.

This was where it started. This was when it happened. I had been bitten by the travel bug.

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