Kim Churchill – “For the next 24 hours I wondered whether or not I was about to burn to death!”

When I was growing up I fell in love with an artist’s work, a photographer named Storm Thorgerson. This man did album covers for everyone, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Muse, Mars volta… You name a great band and he has probably shot a cover for them and they’re all extraordinary.

Storm actually passed away in 2013 but now his legacy has been carried on by Peter who was his right-hand man. I was lucky enough to meet Peter while I was travelling around Europe playing shows. While talking to him I asked whether he would shoot a cover for my new album. I think he was trying to talk me out of it because he said,

“It’s going to be 1000 pounds just to see some sketches.”

“Right and when would you need that by?”

“Pretty soon really, we need to understand that you’re committed.”

I was sponsored by Wicked Vans at the time and we had a van with Penelope Pitstop plastered on it’s side.  I carted Peter off to this little van… Here’s this prolific photographer and artist who I idolised and I’m taking him to this graffitied Wicked Van!

I had been driving the whole tour and therefore couldn’t drink so I had been collecting the riders from backstage. 10 bottles of wine, 4 or 5 bottles of scotch and many cases of beer, that’s the sight he was met with as we opened the door to the van. I had to move all of that out of the way so I could get into a sock at the back that I had hidden that had around 8 or 9 thousand pounds in it that I’d been saving up from selling Cd’s. I counted him out a thousand pounds and gave it to him on the spot…

He and his team did end up doing the cover for Silent/Win and the design he ended up creating was a man walking through an unknown terrain and reading a map that went forever into the future while the other end of the map was on fire. (see below)


So after a few months I am in Mexico writing for the album when I receive the picture. I looked at the picture and realised that the part of the map that was on fire was the exact part of the west coast of Mexico where i was at that moment…

For the next 24 hours I wondered whether or not I was about to burn to death!

Luckily that didn’t eventuate.

It was the most expensive item I have ever bought that photo, but it was worth every penny to work with someone I had idolised my whole life.


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