JENNIFER – “He dropped to his knees and asked my mother if he could marry me!”

It was around 6pm and almost all the shops had been closed shut. It wasn’t a happy sight, especially because of the fact that it was just my second day in Israel and I hadn’t even begun to shop. I was walking down the street from Lazarus’s tomb. That place sent shudders down my spine. It has a tiny staircase descending inside the underground and once you reach the bottom, there is a small hole. Just the right size for you to put your head inside. What happens when u put your head inside?  You come face to face with a tomb, and you realize you hardly have any oxygen! Then you scramble back upstairs as fast as possible. At least that’s what I did…

So then, as I walked down the lane, there was just one shop that hadn’t closed yet. It had so many amazing t-shirts displayed in the window and there was also wine and some Dead Sea products. I dragged my mother inside and made her look at the rosaries and stuff. That is the strategy I used to make her stay. Well, it sounds dumb, yes. But it works.

I was just skimming over the rows of t-shirts, trying to pick one between Noah’s ark and a goat floating in the Dead Sea when somebody said “Hello beautiful”. I turned around quite flustered. This Jewish guy was standing there behind me, holding a few t-shirts in his hand. OK… so he had a marketing strategy. I just smiled and turned back to what I was doing.

He looked confused for a moment. He then dropped the t-shirts, went to my mother and asked her if I was her daughter. I was quite alarmed. My mother said “yes”.

Then he literally went down on his knees and asked my mother if he could marry me! I just shut my eyes and turned away, awaiting the Indian drama. But my mom just laughed and said “You have to ask her Dad you know, and he isn’t here.”

Speechless at what was happening, I quickly picked the t-shirt with the goat and went to pay for it. As I steered my mother out of the shop, the Jewish guy looked at me and said “You are leaving me? My princess!”. So again, I just smiled and kept walking.

Maybe this is a Jewish marketing strategy? I don’t know. I got a free bracelet, but it could have been otherwise also. Or at least, I pretend it was. Jewish men are pretty handsome, you know…



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