JACK – “I woke up with a motorcycle helmet on my head and a young couple making love next to me!!”

Last year I went for my first big overseas trip and took on the might of Europe!  We had been travelling around for a few weeks already and I thought at this stage we had had some pretty big nights out… then we got to the Greek Islands. Ios to be exact.

The very first night there we decided to have a nice dinner and maybe a few drinks. After a couple of beers on the balcony of our room, the afternoon kicked in and we felt a bit more like partying. We got ready, had a couple of travellers and made our way up to the main town centre.

We had heard of Ios’ party life but didn’t think about it too much as it was only a Wednesday… but soon discovered that days of the week don’t mean a thing here, on Ios every night is a big night!  Soon after, we met a few Aussie chicks who gave us the run down on what clubs and bars to hit at the right time. So they became our tour guides for the night and, as we hit more and more clubs, we got more and more drunk. Shot after shot, beer after beer. Soon I found myself considerably more drunk then I thought I would be and, just to make it even worse, I decided it was a good idea to consume  the infamous “Flaming Lamborghini”. For those that don’t know, a Flaming Lamborghini is not meant for one person, it’s meant for 4!

That was my last clear memory, but I’m fairly sure the rest of the night followed a pattern of losing my friends, finding some new friends and then losing them too, drinking random drinks and doing way too many shots and of course making mum and dad proud by doing my best Travolta impersonation on the dance floor and dancing with random people…

The last thing my memory held on to was someone asking me what dance I was doing and I said it was the Jack Attack…yep. Killing it.

The rest of the night is a complete write off… but the next thing I remember is waking up in a very strange place. I had a pounding headache, which was either from the large amount of alcohol I had consumed, or from my newly acquired motorcycle helmet which was still on my head!  I looked around and was shocked to discover that I was on the roof of a very high church, on a very high hill, a hell of a long way from my hotel!

To add to my confusion, I had interrupted a young couple’s intimate sunrise session, but as I was still very, very drunk, this didn’t bother me too much, funnily enough it didn’t seem to bother them either. I thought it best to leave them to their romantic moment and start the trek back to my hotel. After around an hour of walking back to the hotel, I sober up a little and come to the realisation that this was not my side of the island and I had actually found my way to the complete other side of the Ios. Disenchanted with the world I turned around and begun the trudge back the other way.

Another hour or two of walking and I managed to finally find my way home and collapsed into my bed at  around 9:30am with my newly acquired helmet by my side. 

That night taught me some valuable lessons:
1: Mixing drinks is fun, at the time…
2: Sleeping in a motorcycle helmet leaves you with helmet hair
3: People can find some unusual places to make the loves

4: I have a terrible sense of direction

Most of all I learnt that I love travelling, where else would you get a story like this?
Can’t wait to do it all again!

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