DANE – “We were in the middle of a hurricane!” VIDEO INCLUDED!!

My mate Danniel and were travelling around Mexico hunting down some great waves. While three of our mates left for Europe, Danniel and I were staying on in Mexico without an interpreter for a month of exploring the coast line.

By now I’d been traveling for about four months and here I was in Mexico with only a few words of Spanish that sort of got me by. We had previously met these two South African guys and their dog along our travels and decided to team up for a surf trip. We threw our camping gear in their van and we were off on another adventure.

We set up camp on the side of a river-mouth were we could see the waves run down the point. One night we ran into a wild storm front. We had to vacate from the fire to our tents where we had a sleepless night as our tents leaked. With the front came torrential rain and the loudest lighting I have ever heard but this was nothing compared to what was to come.

We arose in the morning to some of the best waves we had all trip with no one out? It seemed so strange that the waves were so good yet no one was surfing… After a few hours out scoring some sweet waves, two Mexicans paddled out. While I was paddling back up the line-up one of them was telling me something in Spanish, “Si si:” I replied, not knowing what the hell he was saying.
Was it: “Whats that camera on your board?” or perhaps “It was wild weather last night, hey?” or “The waves are pumping!” Or maybe he was trying to warn me about something else but I just put my head down and kept paddling.

On one wave I paddled hard and pulled into a barrel, unfortunately one of the Mexicans bailed right in front of me and his board hit me in the head and nearly knocked me out. This was a blessing in disguise. I was feeling wrecked so when the boys paddled in I asked if we could head back to town as everything was wet and my head was throbbing. Thankfully they agreed.

On arrival to Puerto Escondido that evening we booked into a nice motel that looked over the beach. No one had any idea what was about to go down.

As we relaxed into a beer and a sneaky joint that got past around one of the boys mentioned how wild the weather was turning and we all agreed. We sat around and watched a surf movie on a laptop and spoke about the waves we’d scored that day. While the video was ending it was like someone flicked a switch, Yep; Flick! Bang! Kaboom! We were in the middle of a hurricane.

The wind was furious with gusts up to 200km/h. “ Hold on to you your hat’s boys this is going to be a crazy night”

Next minute the door burst open as the lock broke! Then one of the windows flung open as-well. The wind was that strong that it begun to literally shriek, it sounded like a woman screaming and the motel creaked and groaned every time a gust would hit.

We tried to grab what ever we could to barricade the place up but it didn’t really help. The wind was so wild and strong now that the fans were rotating from the wind alone.

The windows were bulging and we were expecting them to implode at any moment and we were waiting for the roof to tear away. A feeling of helplessness and been at the mercy of mother nature came over us. All we could do was try to keep calm and laugh as the place was falling apart around us. We choose two areas of cover, one was under the bed and also in the bathtub.

We were looking outside in horror as the house next door was getting ripped to shreds. There was tin flying everywhere and the power lines outside our room looked like they were coming inside for a visit.

With the fear kicking in and the fact we were getting pretty wet Danniel and I decided to run the gauntlet to the lads room where it was a lot safer over that side of the motel. We sat in the bathroom and talked it out with the boys and tried to keep the dog calm for the next few hours while the worst of it past.

A few hours later and it seemed like it was settling down. Danniel and I decided to go downstairs to see if the motel owners and everyone else were alright. Everyone was OK and Danniel was lucky enough to score a room with a dry mattress. I slept on a couch in the foyer where I had another sleepless night. I watched a waterfall that was flowing through the middle of the motel. It was landing about 5 meters from my head, you don’t see that every night…

The next morning we decided to check out the damage that it did on the place and tried to give a hand where we could but we were pretty exhausted. The town was a mess and some places were write-offs and sadly there were several fatalities.

We gathered ourselves together, grabbed our wet luggage and went and found a solid concrete motel where we rested and dried out for a few days.

What a week it was… all that I knew was that I was glad that I wasn’t in that tent.




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