BRIDGET – “I looked down… Oh Hell! I’m half naked!!”

4% of Adults sleepwalk. I am one of those 4%…

I was in Glasgow and had returned to the hotel just before midnight – I was exhausted and leaving the hotel at 7am the next morning for Ireland. I got home, had a shower and at this time in my life I slept in not much – on this particular evening I was wearing just underwear. I am forever thankful it was getting close to washing day so they were at least a quite nice red silk, mostly bottom-covering set.

The next thing I knew I was walking in the hallway. I stopped. I looked back, I looked forward. What the hell am I doing here??
I look down. Oh Hell. I am half naked, walking in the hall way. I very quickly realize I had walked right out of my room in nothing but my red underwear. I quickly cover my upper assets and run. Where can I go? I can’t get into my room without a key!! I don’t seem to be carrying one on my person.
I remember there is a bathroom on level 1 – I take the stairs as I have NO idea what time it is – people could be checking out or going to breakfast for all I know. I get to the bathroom unseen and realize I will need to go reception to get a key. I try covering my upper half in toilet paper – yep, like a mummy. It looks easy in movies but in reality – in the cheap hotels with cheap, thin toilet paper – it just falls apart as I try to wrap it around my body.

I end up emptying out the large bin filled with hand towels and taking out the thick, plastic bag on the inside – like a big garbage bag you would put outside your house with the rubbish in. I’m not going to get IN to this bag as that seemed rather unhygienic (I know – maybe shouldn’t have been my main concern right then) so I wrapped it around my body. It didn’t go all the way around – my backside still was uncovered but felt comfortable enough in my red silky underwear to now make my way down the last flight of stairs to reception.

I saw the smirk of the male receptionist’s face as I approached. Should I explain this? Would he believe me? I was tired and realized no amount of explanation will change the fact I am wrapped in a garbage bag right now.
“Don’t ask, but can I have the key to 409?”. Without hesitation I had a new key and was in the elevator back to my floor. I got to my room to find the light on, bed cover tossed back and my original key next to my bed. I shrugged, I went back to sleep – it was 3am.
The next morning I did not check out – I walked straight passed the reception and the male receptionist with my head down and I didn’t look back. I called my Dad, who had put me back to bed numerous times as a child and had had long winded conversations with me in my sleep. He laughed his head off – thanks for the sympathy Dad.
I learnt two lessons from all of this –
1 – You CAN NOT lock yourself in to a hotel room and…
2 – Wear pajamas to bed!

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