1.The views expressed on this blog are those of the individuals whose story it is and do not necessarily represent the views of the owner of the blog/humans who travel.

2.Authors agree that any content sent in for publication is their own work that has not been plagiarized in any form.

3.Humans Who Travel takes no responsibility for authors works should they plagiarize in any way and get litigated against by the actual author.

4.Readers who choose to comment agree to do so in a tactful way without use of swear words or abusive language towards any author or other commenter.

5.Humans Who Travel reserves the right to omit and change any comments left on a story should the author of the comment swear or use inappropriate/abusive language.

6.Humans Who Travel reserves the right to publish stories sent in for publication in any publication it sees fit.

7.Authors acknowledge that by sending their stories and pictures in to Humans Who Travel to be published that their stories and pictures become a part of the Humans Who Travel website.

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